Convert Users into Functional Accounts

On Proofpoint, any email address that isn't an active user (former employees, distribution groups, etc.) is considered a "functional account." Any user account can be changed into a functional account by following these steps:

1. Log into Proofpoint, then navigate to User Management > Users on the left side of the screen.

2. Select the users you would like to change, then click “Mass Update Users.”




3. Change the Role drop-down to “Functional Account,” then click “Update Users” at the bottom of the window.




Exempt New Functional Accounts From Sync

The user should now be changed to a functional account. Since Azure sync is enabled, we will also need to make sure that this new functional account is exempted from it. Otherwise, the functional account will be deleted and replaced with the old user account every time an Azure sync runs.


1. Navigate to User Management > Import & Sync > Azure Directory Sync

2. Click “Save and Run Sync Now” on the bottom of the page. A window that looks like this will open:



3. Click the arrow next to “Adding”, then click on “Exempt from Sync” next to the account you want to exempt. Repeat this for the arrow next to “Deleting.”



4. Click on “Sync Active Directory.” This should apply these changes and run a sync with Azure.