Yes, administrators can exclude mailboxes from backup if they choose.

By default, CloudAlly will retain backup data indefinitely even if a user is deleted. If you would like to delete backups for employees that leave, this can also be done in a few different ways:

  1. Administrators can manually delete the backup as part of the offboarding process, or
  2. Backups will be auto-archived when a license is removed / site is deleted, and a retention limit may be set in your backup task's settings for auto-archived backups. After checking the box in the screenshot below, you can configure CloudAlly to delete any auto-archived backup data after the specified number of days:

CloudAlly supports the GDPR right to erasure. If a person requests that we remove their data, the company will need to search and identify all related data and submit a request to our support team. CloudAlly will then delete that data from the backups and provide a confirmation of deletion.