The following article will provide a guideline on how to configure your OneDrive backup within CloudAlly, if you have not already gone through the initial setup of CloudAlly, please use the guide here.

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Stage 1 - Creating the Backup task for OneDrive

  1. On the Homepage, select "Add A New Backup Task", then select OneDrive. 
  2. Enter your backup name and enter your OneDrive URL, this looks something like ( 
  3. Select "Authenticate" then log in using your backup account which you created for OneDrive in this guide.

Stage 2 - Configuring the OneDrive Task

  1. On the Homepage a new backup has been created, click the backup to configure its settings.The connected bar shows that connection has been successful to OneDrive. 
  2. The backup frequency can be set in this page.
  3. It is recommended to select "Automatically Activate new sites" this will detect when a new OneDrive site is created and add it to the daily backup
  4. Selecting "Retain auto-archived backups for (x) days before deleting" will automatically archive backups if a site/user is deleted. 

Stage 3 - Activating the Backup Task for OneDrive

Once you have configured the backup settings you need to Activate them in order to begin backing up data.

  1. Select all accounts which you wish to be backed up 
  2. Click Action > Activate in the top-right corner, these accounts will then be backed up when the scheduled backup is ran.
  3. Alternatively, an immediate backup can be performed by selecting Action > Backup Now.

Your OneDrive backup has now been activated! If you wish to backup other services such as SharePoint or Teams, please see the guides below:

CloudAlly - SharePoint Deployment Guide

CloudAlly - Teams Deployment Guide