All of your active mailboxes such as users, shared mailboxes, distribution groups, etc. should be added to Proofpoint ahead of the setup. This can be done by importing a list of your mailboxes from a CSV file.

Accepted Format

Proofpoint will only accept a CSV file with the following columns. No header row is required.

First NameLast NamePrimary Email AddressMobile Phone NumberAliases (optional)

  • Each data field must be separated by a comma
  • Each individual mailbox must be separated by a new row / line
  • All data fields entered after the mobile number will be considered aliases
  • The mobile number column is required, but the value may be empty if 2FA for users is turned off
  • A valid mobile number must include an international prefix and no other non-numeric characters

This is an example:

Export Mailbox List From Google

  • Log into the Google Admin Console ( using an administrator account
  • In the menu (three horizontal bars), navigate to Directory > Users
  • At the top of the Users list, click on Download Users
  • When prompted, choose to download a list of all users as a CSV file
  • Delete any unnecessary columns so that Proofpoint will accept the CSV's format

Import Mailboxes Into Proofpoint

  • In Proofpoint, navigate to User Management > Import & Sync > CSV Import
  • On this page, choose if you would like to import these mailboxes as End Users or Silent Users
    • End Users will receive a welcome email and access to the Proofpoint portal, while Silent Users will not.
  • Click Choose File to retrieve your CSV of mailboxes, then click Upload

Convert Non-Users to Functional Accounts

Any imported mailboxes will appear in the Proofpoint user list by default. If any of these are things like shared mailboxes / distribution groups and shouldn't count as active users, these can be converted to functional accounts through the following steps:

  • Navigate to User Management > Users on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the users you would like to change, then click “Mass Update Users.”
  • Change the Role drop-down to “Functional Account,” then click “Update Users” at the bottom of the window.

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