When configuring a new domain for Proofpoint Essentials, all of a customer's domains must be both verified and have the relay enabled so that they can send and receive emails.

IMPORTANT: Once the domain has been verified and enabled, you MUST wait 60 minutes before the domain is available for routing inbound and outbound.

Adding Domains to Proofpoint

Log into the Proofpoint portal that matches your tenant's region.

If you are adding a domain for a customer rather than your own account, navigate to Customer Management > Customers and click on them in the list. Once you are logged in, navigate to Account Management > Domains.

To add a new domain to Proofpoint, click the New Domain button:

Set the domain type to Relay. For the primary delivery destination, fill in the value of the domain's current MX record.

  • For O365 domains, the format should resemble website-com.mail.protection.outlook.com
  • For Google Workspace domains, the value is usually aspmx.l.google.com

Before setting up an existing domain, click on the three dots on the right side of the screen, then click Edit Domain:

Ensure that the domain type is set to Relay and that a delivery destination is filled in.

Prepare O365 / Google Workspace Routing (if applicable)

If using O365 or Google Workspace as your email environment, then on the Account Management > Domains page, click on Manage Hosted Services:

Turn on the option for either Office 365 or Google Apps, then click Save.

Verify and Enable Domains

For each domain on the Account Management > Domains page, click the Verify Domain button:

This will display a TXT record that will need to be added to the domain's DNS zone. Once this TXT record is published, click on Verify Now.

Once this is complete, you may now click the button for Enable Relay. Once enabled, the relay needs at least 60 minutes to fully activate.