The following article will provide a guideline on how to log-in to CloudAlly and deploy your first backup task. Please read it carefully.

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Stage 1 - Creating backup service accounts 

To begin, it is recommended to create a separate backup service account for each O365 service, this will provide better isolation for security. If you are only going to be using Exchange backup the other accounts are not necessary.
Each backup service account should be licensed, but this is not required in all situations. The accounts should be set up as follows: 

1 - Exchange Backup Account             

  • Set up a Global Admin account with a name such as This can be changed to an Exchange Admin account once the initial backup task is registered.
  • A licensed account is recommended, but not required unless you will be backing up Public Folders.     

2 - Sharepoint Backup Account

  • Create a backup services account with SharePoint Admin rights. Use a name such as
  • This account should be licensed                  

3 - OneDrive Backup Account

  • Create a backup services account with SharePoint Admin rights. Use a name such as
  • This account should be licensed                            

4 - Groups/Teams Backup Account       

  • Create a backup services account with Teams Admin rights. Use a name such as
  • This account should be licensed.

Stage 2 - Logging into backup service

Once you have received your account details, log in to your CloudAlly account here.

Stage 3 - Creating a new backup task for Exchange

  1. Once signed in to your CloudAlly account, click the Homepage option in the navigation panel.
  2. On the Homepage, click the service you wish to provision a backup task for.
  3. Fill in the name of the task, this will be used for notifications and reports.
  4. You will see OAuth based authorization, click Authenticate to start the process of granting access. You will be directed to the Microsoft sign-in page. Log in to your Global Admin backup account.

Stage 4 - Configuring the backup task for Exchange

  1. On the Homepage a new backup has been created, click the backup to configure its settings.
  2. The connected bar shows that connection has been successful to Exchange. 
  3. By default, the “Index all data for Search” option is selected, which enables CloudAlly to provide you with its granular search and restore functionality. In the process, your data is temporarily decrypted for a brief period of time, and then re-encrypted once the index is built. If this goes against your company policy and you would like to disable automatic indexing, please contact
  4. In the Microsoft Exchange system, accounts can have an “Unlicensed” status (not to be confused with “Unlicensed product”). These can be the external accounts invited by users with an active license, accounts automatically generated for shared file storage, etc. You can find the license status of an account using the Admin Center. Check Backup Unlicensed accounts if you want CloudAlly to backup such accounts.
  5. Backups are automatically archived when an entire site is deleted.The Retain auto-archived backups option allows you to retain them for a specified number of days, after which they will be deleted. Otherwise, the backups will be retained indefinitely.                                                     
  6. The Automatically activate new mailboxes option instructs the system to detect new mailboxes, and begin backing them up automatically.                                                             

Stage 5 - Activating the Backup Task for Exchange

Once you have configured the backup settings you need to Activate them in order to begin backing up data.

  1. Select all accounts which you wish to be backed up 
  2. Click Action > Activate in the top-right corner, these accounts will then be backed up when the scheduled backup is ran.
  3. Alternatively, an immediate backup can be performed by selecting Action > Backup Now.

Your Exchange backup has now been activated! If you wish to backup other services, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Teams, please see the guides below:

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